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Standing Desk – Week 8

March 15, 2011

I thought I’d post an update on the standing desk experiment now that I’m in week 8. I’m a full convert at this point and don’t plan to go back.

First, the pros –

  1. Burning somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 calories per hour. This adds up quickly and is more than I initially thought. One of the first things I noticed after making the switch is how much hungrier I am when I get off work.
  2. Weird looks from coworkers, especially in week 1.
  3. Feel more productive and focused on tasks. It’s likely a product of being in a more active position. That and I think better standing up.
  4. Freedom to pace around, which also burns calories.
  5. Feel less glued to my desk than before. It’s faster and more convenient to walk down the hall for things.
  6. Extra desk space underneath the lectern part of the desk.
  7. Cheap to make the switch. You only need an extra 14″ of height, and I rigged mine out of spare materials lying around the office. Having a slight tilt to the raised desktop is key.
  8. Easier to collaborate with others in the room. The monitor is at everyone’s eye level, and no one has to lean over to see.
  9. Improved posture. I slouch when I sit. I also slouch when I stand, but standing all day has improved it a bit.
  10. Office chair now used for things like my laptop case, hat, and coat.

A few cons –

  1. Uncomfortable shoes are more noticeable, and my Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts were money well spent. A couple of female colleagues have pointed out that standing desks won’t work so well if you wear heels.
  2. Tiring at first if you’re used to 40 hours a week sitting, but I got used to it by week 2.
  3. Harder to hold the phone receiver with my shoulder while I’m typing. I find myself sitting to take phone calls.
  4. Need a better champion for the cause than Don Rumsfeld.
  5. Many things in my office like my desk drawers and the giant file bin next to my desk were designed specifically for seated access.
  6. My raised desktop isn’t that large, so not as convenient when I have to hand write notes. Who hand writes notes at this point, though?

IdeaRobber’s been a little sparse lately and will continue to be until I’m out of thesis world in May. Looking forward to picking up the writing pace this summer. Thanks for reading.

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  1. April 13, 2011 11:44 am

    I’ve been working at a standing desk for about a half a year (at home) and about a month and a half (at work).

    I’m never going back to sitting. I found my legs were sore for the first two weeks; but, now 6 weeks in, I don’t notice.

    I wrote two blog posts about it:

    The desk I use was built using IKEA components.

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