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Standing Desk Experiment – Day Two

January 20, 2011

I’ve been wanting to try a standing desk for a while now.  There’s a good bit of research out there on the health risks of sitting.  Our culture is growing increasingly sedentary, and I’m one of those people who works a desk job and then goes home to my other computer desk or to the couch.  A blog post this week by Lifehacker’s Gina Trapani spurred me to improvise a standing desk using things I found around the office.  The height difference between a sitting desk and a standing desk is really just the length from your knee to your hip, which in my case was about 14 inches.

I’m halfway through day two, and I can already tell a big difference.  I’m finding myself constantly shifting my weight from one leg to the other.  It may not burn many calories, but over the course of 40 hours a week and 2,000 a year, it adds up.  I tilted my keyboard platform forward like I’m standing at a lectern, which I’ve found is much more comfortable for typing.  As far as adjusting to working while standing, I’ve always been a pacer, so I really don’t mind ditching my chair.

Here are some pictures of my new setup:

The top of the monitor is right at eye level, and the keyboard and mouse are at a height where my elbows can just hang naturally.

I found the keyboard platform in a storage closet.  The two towers are actually Sharper Image personal heater/air conditioners that we bought back when the office was having AC problems, but they haven’t been used in a while.  Gaining some extra shelf space for books was a nice bonus.

The mouse platform is an old file bin that I turned on its end, and I used a binder clip to attach it to the platform for added stability.  My phone fit perfectly underneath.

Here’s the view from the side.  The monitor is sitting on a file container with a couple of reams of paper on top.  The keyboard platform had a 1″ backstop on it already, which worked perfectly to give it a slight tilt forward.

Check out that Lifehacker post for images of other standing desk setups.


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