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Canada’s Olympic Cauldron – Alternate Lighting Methods

February 13, 2010

Lighting the cauldron is a big deal.  Everyone remembers Muhammad Ali in Atlanta or the archer in Athens.  This is why the deer-in-headlights look on Gretzky’s face is one moment from the Vancouver Olympics that will stick with me.

The opening ceremonies had gone smoothly right up until the lighting of the cauldron, when one of four pillars failed to rise out of the floor.  While Canada doesn’t get a do-over (unless you count the other cauldron outside that Gretzky also lit), it’s not too early to start thinking of better ways to light the next cauldron when the games come around again.

1. Geddy Lee Option:  A stage rises up from the floor with Canadian power trio Rush, who kick into an extended opening guitar riff of “Finding My Way.”  Gretzky runs up to the stage and uses the torch to light the end of Geddy Lee’s bass.  Geddy then lights the cauldron.

Geddy Lee Bass in Flames

2. Dudley Do-Right Option: Snidely Whiplash has tied Nell to a set of railroad tracks, which run from the entrance of the arena to a cauldron in the middle.  Dudley Do-Right rides in on his horse and rescues Nell.  While Dudley is still standing on the tracks, Snidely tosses him the torch and yells, “Here, catch!”  Dudley catches the torch and gets hit by the train, which launches him at the cauldron, lighting it.

Dudley Do-Right

3. Ghostbusters Option: Canadian Dan Aykroyd is the last torch carrier.  He shoots the cauldron with a Ghostbusters gun and high fives Canadian Rick Moranis.

Aykroyd Ghostbusters

4. Slap Shot Option: Steve Nash carries in the torch and lights a hockey puck waiting at Gretzky’s feet.  Gretzky shoots it at an empty net whose netting is actually fuses.  Flame on the puck lights the netting which runs on a long fuse to the cauldron.

So what’s your preference?

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