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Super Bowl Ads – The Good, The Bad, The Weird

February 8, 2010

Can you even remember your favorite Super Bowl ad from last year?  I can’t, although I’m better at recalling the crappy ones – the parade of obnoxious GoDaddy teasers, that racist SalesGenie ad with the animated pandas (wait, was that two years ago?).  I guess this is why I’ve never understood the wisdom of spending $3M for 30 seconds of captive eyeballs.  So before I forget this year’s crop, here’s my Super Bowl ad roundup:

The Good


Unemployment is on everyone’s minds, and it has a fiddling beaver…what’s not to like?

2. Google

Celebrities and cheap laughs are a given, so this text-only spot from Google broke the monotony and stood out in their widely-anticipating TV ad debut.  Maybe a story about a student traveling to France and finding love isn’t ideal for football fans, but most people watching the Super Bowl are not football fans.

The Bad

3. Dodge Charger

Chrysler still doesn’t get it.   They’re in the toilet financially.  Their reputation for quality is the worst of the domestics.  We’ve bailed them out twice.   So if they’re going to double-down and put a Super Bowl ad on the company credit card, at least make it a good one.  I’d even take a little honesty like the recent Domino’s Pizza campaign, maybe the CEO saying, “We’ve heard the feedback, which is why we’re going to fix the problems and make it up to you.”  Instead we get this tripe about a throwback gas-guzzling muscle car. Right, your market want cars like you made in the 1970s.

4. GoDaddy – The Massage

Remember when was controversial? Yes, I’m aware I can see other ads at your site. No, I’m not going to watch them.

5. Skechers Shape-Ups

Joe Montana is so desperate for money that he’s plugging a hundred-dollar frankenstein shoe.  This ad just looks cheap, like something they’d air on daytime cable between Becky the Carpet Queen and Brown & Crouppen.  I guess they blew most of the budget on the airtime.

The Weird

6. Late Show

I thought I’d hallucinated this ad when I went to bed last night.  Apparently it really happened.

If you want to see Abe Vigoda and Betty White get tackled again in that Snickers ad, Mashable has a more comprehensive list here.

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