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What is an Idea Robber?

February 7, 2010

Unlike a traditional robber who steals others’ physical belongings, I define idea robber as “anyone who executes someone else’s idea without their expressed permission.”  Skilled idea robbers either implement an idea before the original author has a chance, or they figure out how to make the idea better – often rendering the original idea obsolete.  Unskilled idea robbers tend to fail because they’re lazy.  They do stupid things like plagiarize directly, leading to embarrassment and sometimes legal action.  This blog is devoted to the art of idea theft, saluting those who succeed and ridiculing those who fail.

Granted, what I call idea theft others might call research.  Semantics aside, the real point of this blog is to give me a forum to spout ideas about media, business, and pop culture – all stolen of course – and to share random information I find on the internet.  I encourage you to steal any ideas communicated on this blog, and email me or post comments if you have ideas I can steal from you.  If you like this idea for a blog, you can steal that, too.  You just have to do a better job at it than me.

Thanks for reading.

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